Alrighty then... I guess I could start with some things I know and love.


That's right, the mind destroying choice of a new generation. (Hey, the Boomers had LSD, we can have our fun too). With that in mind, I'll first point anyone who might stumble in here toward the link to zenosaga.com. There you will find pretty much anything and everything pertaining to the ongoing Xenosaga series and it's spiritual predecessor Xenogears.

RPGamer and rpgfan are both sites dedicated to keeping their readers up to date on the latest buzz surrounding electronic Role-Playing Games. That includes everything from Diablo style hack-and-slash to turn based strategy like Final Fantasy Tactics. (But not online forum RPG's and the like)

From there we move on to another hallowed ground of geekdom.

Fantasy literature.

That first link over there leads to wotmania. There you will find all manner of info and speculation on the WoT (not War on Terror) but the Wheel of TIme by Robert Jordan. The books are quite good, but recently the fan community has been facing two year delays between new releases. This can lead to widespread madness (as evidence, I submit the Community Messageboard). Those true masters of the geeky arts then move on to the Other Fantasy messageboard, or my own personal stomping ground, the Games MB.

Well I think that's enough for now. Tune in next time for a quick dive into Japanese Anime and "how not to be a freeking otaku."


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