The audience makes a difference.

As insane as it might seem to begin my adventures in blogging by subjecting myself to the scrutiny of linking the Blogfather, I suddenly felt the need to be a nitpick.

While the survey was informal, it still doesn't take the demographic of the audience into account. The RIAA (as much as I despise what they've done to commercial music) has their head on straight when it comes to choosing where to fight piracy (it's the "how" that they've been executing poorly). They're going after tech savvy youth who want the latest and greatest releases, but don't have the money to pay the RIAA's inflated prices. I doubt they very much care about a how a book on violent kids sells when it's also available for free download. The book is aimed at adults who've taken on the responsibility of parenthood and are quite likely willing to pay for the information it provides The CD's are meant to bleed the dollars out of the pockets of young teenie boppers looking for the latest Britney/Eminem fix.


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