Star Trekkin'... or not...

Good grief... two months+ since I've touched this thing. Kiss that resolution goodbye.

This got me thinking about my long lost addiction to the Wing Commander series of games. The series and I had an off and on relationship for many years. My first exposure was Wing Commander 2 on my cousins computer. Having no idea what I was really doing, I just fumbled around until dinner was ready, but I could tell I had that itch. Well, at least until dessert.

It was a few years later when a friend loaned me the original Wing Commander (7 1.5" floppy disks !!1!!?!) and the Secret Mission pack (there were always secret missions packs). I ripped through that in a hurry, but by this time it was all but impossible to find the second game anywhere. So I fell out of touch with the series for another batch of years before stumbling across Wing Commander:Prophecy (aka Wing 5) on the shelf.

Cool! 3D Polygons! Woot!

I was in heaven for as much time as it took to beat the game. Three times. Don't look at me like that.

Not long after, Origin released the Gold Edition that included the now predictable Secret Ops pack bursting at the seams with all the interactive chaos the best machines of the day could handle. (I still daydream about strafing runs, dual Dust Cannons blazing =) )

It's many years later now and I while I would love to go back and play those games, I can't. An upgrade to Win2k will do that to older games. "Pbbt... Who would use anything NT based for home use?" The shmucks... (Then EA had to go and buy up the company after the interesting-yet-dreadful Wing Commander movie tanked. Origin was dissolved. Jerks.)

What does any of this have to do with the link above? Well if you click there, you'll read part two of a long thesis on what a real sci-fi space fleet might look like.

Just to weight in with my two cents (because I do what I'm told and DWL), while I can see a renaissance of the battleship in the new frontier, I also see the death of the space battleship not too long afterward. Just as happened on the high seas after the weaponization of the airplane, I see space-carriers (hence the whole Wing Commander tangent) as being the end result of space warship evolution.

As technology evolved, we could expect to see the systems he described fitting into smaller and smaller volumes until there came a point where one large ship could conceivably carry many ships with independent weapons systems. (Or as a spin-off, the remote probes he describes could serve dual-purpose roles as sensors and individual bomblets or components of a much larger weapons system.)

Hmm... Where am I going with this? I haven't the slightest. It just sounded to me like what he was describing fit the carrier model rather than a battleship.

(And if anyone knows of a way to get Win2K to recognize old Win95-only games, by all means drop me a line.)


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