Went on a ride this last weekend (on a day featuring a record high of 116ºF)...

We drove "The Box" up to Martinez Mine.

The Box itself isn't too bad.

There are the occasional rough patches (realize this means rough for a quad), but it's not until the last quarter mile before the mine that the road takes a turn for the worse.

But the scenery is gorgeous all along the way.

Just before the going gets rough, you have to pass through the old mine camp. I'm not sure when exactly the mine was closed, but the buildings look pretty good for their age.

Once you get past the extremely rough patch, it's only a short and relatively easy drive up the hill to a good vantage point.

At the top of the hill is one of the many mine shafts dug into the hills all over this area. From the scattering of turquoise in the area, it looks like they were after silver. (My poor little camera just can not handle any direct sunlight into the lense with out all kinds of strange auras showing up.)

I tried to take a picture down the shaft, but between the slant of the shaft itself, the extremely bright exterior, and the way the sun was in the sky, it just didn't turn out right.

And finally, my favorite pic of the bunch, the massive winch they used to haul loads up and down the shaft.


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