Oh Geez...

The man with the 'fro is going digital. Looks like the Revolution is going to have friendly little squirrels of an entirely different sort than those beasts Sony's been abusing our senses with.


Strange place names of the day.

Pomfret, CT

Backlick Road


In a strange confluence of coincidences...

Today, Ace posts this video of Japanese people having way too much time on their hands. I would say it just barely qualifies for Steven Den Beste's "not nearly afraid of" category. Then, while surfing the extras page at Concerned, I ran across a link to a trailer for Half-Life2: Episode 1. That's not important. In addition to that video, there were others, in particular three videos showing off the Source engine's physics using Rube Goldberg Machines. I can't decide which is more pathetic, or which I'd rather try myself...