Crusin' for an Al Gore fatwah...

If you've already read this... see the update below...

All right dangit... I swore I'd avoid politics when I started this thing. So far, my complete lack of anything resembling consistent content has served that intent well... Now I've got this idea floating around in my head, but it's incomplete. I'm not entirely sure I want to throw it out there with my name all over it, but people are getting so close, I may miss out on an opportunity. Maybe I'll pitch the idea to Ace or Frank or somebody else more inclined to through fireballs (or lightning bolts). Of course, I could just be pissing into the wind...

UPDATE: Ah screw it. I might as well put it up here and see what happens.

I've had this idea stuck in my head, and Cox and Forkum's latest cartoon convinced me there's some merit to the idea.

The belief in Global Warming is turning into a cult, and with that in mind, I think a great idea would be:

"The Five Pillars of Global Warming"

"1. There is no god but Gaia, and Al Gore is her Prophet."

"2. The believer must face Kyoto and curse Western Capitalism five times a day." (praying doesn't really fit with the GW crowd, but it may work better)
"3. Rich nations must donate 2.5% of their carbon credits to poor nations."
"4. The believer must fast by avoiding the use of petroleum products for one month out of the year."
"5. The believer must make every possible effort to protest at least one WTO meeting in person." (I'm avoiding using Kyoto again for a pilgrimage, but it may make more sense as a parallel to the actual 5th pillar of Islam.)

I think the first three are pretty solid; it's 4 and 5 that need a little work. My sense if humor is a little dry for this sort of thing, so if anyone out there in the Intraweb-a-tron has any improvements, please let me know.


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