And now the stunning Brain Cheesers conclusion

Level 15 solution

Level 18 solution

Level 21 solution

Level 22 solution (ultra evil)

Level 23 solution (too easy, even for a warm up)

Level 24 solution

Level 25 solution

HC says you don't need all the pieces for 25, and I believe him. I just don't feel the need to go hunting down the necessary sequence.


Brain cheesers...


Ok, this is where I'm getting stuck...

I really really really need the line coming out the bottom to be red... Which is obviously impossible, but maybe if I wish hard enough...

Bwah hah hah hah!!!
Click here if you want to see the answer to level 12.

Level 13 solution

Level 14 solution. But I think there are some rules I haven't quite deciphered as regards the color.

And you think it's bad now... wait until you get to level 15 and he adds color filters!



Strange Place Name of the Day: Episode 2

Conshohocken, PA

Oh, and you can see they apparently felt the need to break out West Conshohocken as it's own unique location separate from those rubes in plain-ole' Conshohocken.


*Ctrl+Alt+Del* "Rest Blog?[Y/N]" Absolutely!

Alright... enough futzing with the template for one day... blogroll updates and what-not tomorrow (or tonight if I get bored)


Damn... I missed 8/20!

That's going to require some explanation.

August 20th is something of a minor holiday amongst marching band geeks in the PAC10. You see, in the PAC10, when it comes to football rivalries your first enemy is your in-state rival (as it ought to be), and the second is USC, the University of Spoiled Children. When your rival (in my case UofA) is playing USC, it's one of those situations where the optimal result is the stadium imploding on both teams.

This animosity is largely a result of the arrogance displayed by the Trojan marching band. They bill themselves as the world's greatest marching band, and rest assured should marching bands be found on other planets, they'll be the first to claim the mantle of greatest marching band in the Universe. Hell, they may have already made that claim. The problem is, they're... they're not very good. Actually... they're quite bad. Combine that arrogance with general pettiness (flipping off other bands as they perform, vandalism and theft of property, etc.), and the result is they're not really welcome on the road.

Anyway, the tradition is that when someone notes that it's 8/20 or 8:20, the rest in the group respond by screaming "F#*& SC!"

This comes from a tradition in the UCLA Bruin band, USC's true rival. They rehearse in the early morning hours and at the end of practice, to close things out and announce the end of rehearsal, the director says, "It's 8:20." The band responds with "F#*& SC!" and they go about their day. This tradition has made its way around to other PAC10 bands over time, and given the generally negative attitude toward the school and band, it's taken hold.

So, here's a belated 8/20.


On saying the wrong thing and being misunderstood all in the same breath.

Many moons ago when Steven den Beste was (still) soliciting anime series recommendations, one of the shows I mentioned was Outlaw Star. I said it was similar to Cowboy Bebop. At the time I didn't really think all that much about it, until he came back saying that that was no real recommendation in his eyes.

Now, I'm no big fan of the way they ended Cowboy Bebop. I've only ever been able to watch it once myself (don't let the fact that the DVD's are in Japan with their rightful owner color that statement *ahem*). I obviously needed to be a bit more specific in my comparison of how the shows are similar, as well as how they are different.

When I said that Outlaw Star was similar to Cowboy Bebop, I was referring to the basic premise that humanity has expanded beyond the earth, and on the fringes a bit of the Old West 's lawlessness has resurfaced. Outlaws, bandits, and a bit (ok, maybe not just a bit in Outlaw Star) of piracy have sprung up in the void of space.

That's where the non-trivial similarities end. Just about every space sci-fi has it's own handwaving means of explaining faster than light travel. They all have an episode where the ship is stranded in space with resources running low/out (a phenomenon that ought to have it's own trope).

Outlaw Star does not have a "kick you in the gut" ending. No significant protagonists are killed off. What looks like a McgGuffin turns out to be anything but a McGuffin. It has a couple of hiccups along the way, like placing the fanservice episode right before the final plot arc. But it also has one of my favorite one-line gags.

Dochi? (Which?)

And it's delivered so well.

Anyway, it just pains me to see my poorly worded recommendation become the primary if not sole reason for avoiding a show.

UPDATE: Ok, so it has more to do with the genre than any one particular aspect of the show. I can understand that. I still can't bring myself to pick up my old R/C hobbies. It just happens. I didn't really intend for this to bring up touchy subjects anyway.


Damn it's been a long time since I played Morrowind. As clunky as Oblivion felt when I first got into it, now Morrowind feels just as bad when trying to go back.