End of a Beginning or Beginning of an End?

I've been somewhat anxious about the pending completion of Concerned right along with Steven. I think it was near the end of March that I sent him an email with links to a few choice episodes during a discussion of Murphy's Rules (look a few lines below Scarlett Johansson's stupendous rack).

I'm quite sure the ghost of Gordon Frohman will be haunting whatever new character Chris chooses to carry on with in subsequent episodes (if at all), but it's easy to get attached to a loveable idiot like Frohman. Killing off Breen is not going to fit into Valve's continuity, at least not at this stage. So, it may be possible he retcons the whole damned thing and brings Frohman back for cameos in the future.

I guess we get to wait until Monday to find out any more. Sigh. :,(

On Sticking Your Foot in it...

Right now, across the country, Democrats are quoting a line from Hunt for Red October. Assuming of course they could bring themselves to watch it.

"You arrogant ass. You've killed *us*! "

And as far as the subsequent wrangling over a retraction...

As far as I'm concerned, it boils down to this.

He didn't mean to say it, but he meant what he said.


A Swift Karmic Kick in the Ass.

Apparently I just had too much going my way this week. I got to spend the morning puking my guts out. I'm just now getting my feet back under me, and my temperature is still over 101ºF. I'm completely dehydrated and my kidneys are screaming about it.

How did I come to deserve such cosmic retribution?

Well, yesterday I got an email from a friend asking me to get him a resume so he could pass it around for a position that just opened up and may be of interest to me.

Second, episodes 7,8, and 9 of the third Tenchi Muyo OVA hit the shelves. But rather than rush right home and watch it, I told myself I had to get this place cleaned up for potential ASU Homecoming guests first before I could start the show. Everything seemed to be going jim-dandy until Andvari, Loki, or some other god of mischief put something in my frozen pizza.

Now I'm completely sapped; I'm going to have a metric ass-load of work piled up at work, and writing this post is enough of a challenge that a resume would be well beyond me.


Interesting Times.

Shamus has been dealing with a family emergency and is looking forward to some dull and uninteresting time in the future. This got me to thinking about the (arguably) Chinese curse about living in "interesting times."

The most common interpretation leans toward "chaotic" times. Times that are interesting in hindsight, but likely not too enjoyable at the time. But interesting doesn't have to mean turbulent or chaotic. Every person has a different idea of what constitutes "interesting."

So, if you were allowed your one moment as a fly-on-the-wall or ghost-in-the-room, when and where would it be?

I think I would like to be there as Beethoven, with his ear pressed against the piano, first plucked the notes that would become the theme of his Ninth Symphony's 4th Movement, the Ode to Joy.

The idea that a man nearly completely deaf could compose what is (again arguably) the greatest piece of music ever put to paper absolutely astounds me.

I could only begin to hope to accomplish as much.


Listening to Space.

At this link, is a java applet that plays a recording of the radio transmitions given off by the aurora borealis on Saturn accompanied by a time history of the transmition spectrum. It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but I find myself playing it over and over again.

There are tons of other little bits like this at their main page.


The Things We Sometimes Miss...

How is it that I never stumbled across this page previously? The second listed video is the raw footage taken from a camera on the main tank, but the feed goes a little wonky at times, so they edited together the first video which splices in views from other angles in the dead spots.

On the last page in the sequence, they have some HUD and external footage of the landing. In the first video from that page(only RM and QT available), a few seconds before the end, you can hear the double sonic boom off the shuttle. One of these days, I need to see a launch in person (if they aren't all mothballed by the time I get around to it).

Flash Blast People

While I was trolling around Wikipedia today, I came across their article on the Hibakusha. They translate the word as "explosion-affected people." However, if you were given only the kanji 被,爆, and者, you would never be able to come up with "atomic-blast victim." The problem is that the word is a hybrid of Japanese onomatopoeia and real kanji meaning.

Hi, along with ki, pi, and some other similar sounds, are the sounds of light. Ki and pi are used to represent points of light such as stars in the sky or bright point reflection. Other sounds like hi and gi are used for powerful (and often overwhelming) light sources. The quality of the sound is intended to emulate the quality of the light. The kanji doesn't carry any meaning that would indicate light.

Paku is the sound of a small clap, slap, or popping sound. Baku is the sound of an explosion or blast. shows up in just about any word that involves an explosion. But it's unclear to me if the kanji always had the "blast" meaning, or if through the frequent use for the baku sound, it aquired the "blast" meaning through association.

is the only really straightforward part of the word, meaning person/people.

Hibaku is essential the Japanese way of describing the atomic blast. Flash Bang. The bright flash of the nuclear fire, followed by the concussion of the shock wave. There are some other words used to name the bomb (I seem to remember gibon used somewhere, but I wouldn't quite me on that.).

Flash Blast People.