End of a Beginning or Beginning of an End?

I've been somewhat anxious about the pending completion of Concerned right along with Steven. I think it was near the end of March that I sent him an email with links to a few choice episodes during a discussion of Murphy's Rules (look a few lines below Scarlett Johansson's stupendous rack).

I'm quite sure the ghost of Gordon Frohman will be haunting whatever new character Chris chooses to carry on with in subsequent episodes (if at all), but it's easy to get attached to a loveable idiot like Frohman. Killing off Breen is not going to fit into Valve's continuity, at least not at this stage. So, it may be possible he retcons the whole damned thing and brings Frohman back for cameos in the future.

I guess we get to wait until Monday to find out any more. Sigh. :,(


Blogger Steven Den Beste said...

We should be getting an episode on Thursday, if today's episode wasn't the last one.

And he has said that this isn't going to carry on forever, and that he always intended that it should end at a certain point. Given that today's episode was labeled "Epilogue", I doubt we'll see more than a few more episodes.

I just hope that today's wasn't the last. The series should end with a laugh, not with a tragic and pointless fadeout.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

My fear is that this is the last episode. If it's as his notes said, and all he's doing is a quick credits and thank you next Monday, we've seen all we're going to see.

That would be a shame. A fall from the top of the Citadel is a hell of a way to go, but a somber fade to black just doesn't fit the tone from the rest of the comic.

I hate kibitzing the ending like this because I really can't offer a better alternative.

9:14 AM  

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