Interesting Times.

Shamus has been dealing with a family emergency and is looking forward to some dull and uninteresting time in the future. This got me to thinking about the (arguably) Chinese curse about living in "interesting times."

The most common interpretation leans toward "chaotic" times. Times that are interesting in hindsight, but likely not too enjoyable at the time. But interesting doesn't have to mean turbulent or chaotic. Every person has a different idea of what constitutes "interesting."

So, if you were allowed your one moment as a fly-on-the-wall or ghost-in-the-room, when and where would it be?

I think I would like to be there as Beethoven, with his ear pressed against the piano, first plucked the notes that would become the theme of his Ninth Symphony's 4th Movement, the Ode to Joy.

The idea that a man nearly completely deaf could compose what is (again arguably) the greatest piece of music ever put to paper absolutely astounds me.

I could only begin to hope to accomplish as much.


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