Fox 4Kids

As Ubu Roi has already pointed out to Steven, 4Kids doesn't have a sterling reputation when it comes to localization.


Strange Place Name of the Day: Episode III

Today we head to the perfect home for Price Pfister; Pfafftown, NC.


Ebway Rowsingbay

Somehow I'd never bothered to look below the entry boxes in Google's language tools.

Want to read the web in Swedish Chef? Go right ahead.
Feeling a little bloodthirsty? Try Klingon.
Pig Latin
Elmer Fudd

I'm somewhat suprised at the absence of Quenya or Sindarin.

I'm betting several others in the list are meant as gags as well, but I'm not familiar with the source or don't recognize the names as artificial languages.


Grinding the Gears

So Tenchi Muyo has been living up to one of the more obscure translations of it's name. One minute it's all jokes and poking fun at Mihoshi's crazed little brother, the next minute it's phenomenal cosmic powers competing to destroy or preserve the universe. The minute after that it's back to the "slice of life" stuff where everything started. The next episode looks set to shift back into the phenomenal cosmic power tomfoolery again. I'm gonna need a neck brace and a G-suit if this keeps up.


Returning to a Favorite Genre

Many many moons ago, I bought Gran Turismo 4. It's been sitting on the shelf ever since. Well that's not entirely accurate. I popped it in immediately and ran a few races, but I was driven off (NPI) by the pervasive and obnoxious load times. Every time you add a part to your car, it stops to save your game. Every time you complete a race and return to the city map, it stops to save your game. Every time you wash or change the oil in your car, you have to sit through a 20 second animation. This is a game about speed right?

Anyway... When you can actually get to the racing part of the game, it's great, and today I ran across a video that is the GT experience brought to life.

If I had the time and money, this would be stupidly addictive.

And as much as I despise how much of my life will be pissed away waiting on the interface, I damn well intend to get a Suzuki Escudo in GT4 to drive like the setup I devised in GT3. It was still next to uncontrollable, but it was far from the untamed beast you're handed at first.