Returning to a Favorite Genre

Many many moons ago, I bought Gran Turismo 4. It's been sitting on the shelf ever since. Well that's not entirely accurate. I popped it in immediately and ran a few races, but I was driven off (NPI) by the pervasive and obnoxious load times. Every time you add a part to your car, it stops to save your game. Every time you complete a race and return to the city map, it stops to save your game. Every time you wash or change the oil in your car, you have to sit through a 20 second animation. This is a game about speed right?

Anyway... When you can actually get to the racing part of the game, it's great, and today I ran across a video that is the GT experience brought to life.

If I had the time and money, this would be stupidly addictive.

And as much as I despise how much of my life will be pissed away waiting on the interface, I damn well intend to get a Suzuki Escudo in GT4 to drive like the setup I devised in GT3. It was still next to uncontrollable, but it was far from the untamed beast you're handed at first.


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