This Blog's Title

Criminally Weird just kinda appeared inside my head one day, and I used it because it reflects just how strange I find myself from time to time. Prior to that I'd toyed around with the idea of using T.W.I.T.. The World is Toto. It was going to be my way of making a coy joke in Cockney about the world going to hell in a handbasket. Thankfully I thought better of it.

Today was just the sort of day that makes me realize how perfect that name really is.

I started the day up to my elbows in assembly lube, cam grease, motor oil and Loctite. We're finally getting around to the assembling the engine for the Falcon.

After that, I had to make a stop off at the gun shop to buy a collapsable stock for the AR-15 I'm building.

Did I mention that I've been assemblying this gun while watching Full Moon wo Sagashite in the background? Well, more like: install a couple parts, watch an episode, launch a detent spring/pin across the apartment, swear a lot, watch an episode, feel better, hunt for parts, find them, spend a half-hour getting troublesome parts locked in place (swearing all the while), watch another episode, feel better again, realize I need more parts to get to a stopping point(swear a lot again), wonder why I didn't just buy an AK for half the price, watch another episode, feel better. It's a show that makes you feel good, for the most part. Episodes make good bookends to other more frustrating tasks...

...and I swear to God I'm going to go kill that son-of-a-bitch that keeps blasting up and down the parking lot outside on his 4-stroke dirt bike! WILL YOU JUST QUIT IT? PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY COMPLAINED ONCE! IT'S 11:45! GAH! (never mind that that's early by blogging standards)

Semi-automatic "assault"-rifles, cutesy-looking-but-actually-quite-deep anime and horsepower: all available here at the Bureau of AlcoholAnime, TobaccoTorque, and Firearms.


The First Rumble

There's something special about the first time you kick off the engine, even when it's not your own.

I got to spend today helping bring a half-restored '77 Chevelle to life. A Chevy 400 tranny takes 3+ gallons of transmission fluid, and filling that bastard through a tube barely bigger than a McDonalds straw is a boring yet essential task right along with priming the fuel system, power steering, and oil pump.

The car wasn't wired yet, so we mocked up a quick wiring rig for the starter and distributor, kicked off the starter and away she went. Well, not literally, though I'm sure some poor bastard has forgotten to put the tranny into park before the first firing.

She had a fussy thermostat in the cooling system and a couple water leaks, but nothing major. The engine has to come back out prior to finishing anyway, so fixing it won't be a problem.

All in all an entertaining day, and it's making me itch for the day we get our own project fired up (possibly as early as January).

The Seinfeld of Anime

I'm sure there are other shows out there more deserving of the title, but I long ago decided that Tenchi Muyo is the Seinfeld of Anime.

And from the sound of the reception for the third OVA series, most aren't liking it. I can't disagree, but I long ago gave up on ever seeing a resolution to this series. It really does seem, at times, like the anime about nothing, and Kajishima seems too in love with these characters to give up any of them.

The only non-spinoff Tenchi series I've seen that has even approached a solid ending is the first TV arc. It's still fairly open-ended, but the first movie (which is the only one of the three solidly linked to that arc) ends with a pretty clear implication that the space pirate takes the gold, mostly for perseverance and endurance.

And as for the rumor that GXP wagged the dog on the third OVA, I find that surprising. Based on all that I've read, they were promoting GXP on the coat-tails of the original OVA, not the other way around. I can't think of anything in GXP that would have warranted a change in direction for the OVA short of completely destroying the universe. There has to be somewhere for your sequels to happen.


Asinine Fortune Cookies

I received this little gem today.

"Happy events will take place in your home."

Yeah. Oh, and by the way, you'll also die and pay taxes.

Tomorrows forecast, daybreak, with a chance of breathing, followed by eating and a sunset.


Yeah! A Callback!

Today Shamus was playing around with photo panoramas using AutoStitch. It reminded me of my own ugly-as-sin half-assed attempt at a panorama last summer. Now I'm curious to see how it looks.

That actually looks really good. It would have turned out even better had I deactivated the auto-adjust on my cheap little HP camera. I think I'd be hard-pressed to find a seam artifact short of heavy scrutiny in Photoshop. There has to be a point of diminishing returns if you use dozens or hundreds of images. I'm sure log distance shots help out greatly as well, but no matter what settings I use, it doesn't want to integrate the left-most image seen in the original. Hmm... Time to experiment a little.

Ah... there we go. Sorta. I had to combine the first and second image on the left first, then combine it with the remaining three. Of course, that causes it to over compensate on the left-hand side.

I took a series of four picture when I was at the Goodguys car show in Scottsdale a couple weekends ago. I'd intended to take another shot at a panorama, but I got distracted by something shiny and quickly forgot about it. This time I'll let the software do the work.

Not bad. The third image sure is dark though. There are somewhere between 2500 and 3000 cars down there. It really is a sight to behold.