The Seinfeld of Anime

I'm sure there are other shows out there more deserving of the title, but I long ago decided that Tenchi Muyo is the Seinfeld of Anime.

And from the sound of the reception for the third OVA series, most aren't liking it. I can't disagree, but I long ago gave up on ever seeing a resolution to this series. It really does seem, at times, like the anime about nothing, and Kajishima seems too in love with these characters to give up any of them.

The only non-spinoff Tenchi series I've seen that has even approached a solid ending is the first TV arc. It's still fairly open-ended, but the first movie (which is the only one of the three solidly linked to that arc) ends with a pretty clear implication that the space pirate takes the gold, mostly for perseverance and endurance.

And as for the rumor that GXP wagged the dog on the third OVA, I find that surprising. Based on all that I've read, they were promoting GXP on the coat-tails of the original OVA, not the other way around. I can't think of anything in GXP that would have warranted a change in direction for the OVA short of completely destroying the universe. There has to be somewhere for your sequels to happen.


Blogger Steven Den Beste said...

The third OVA includes a 40 minute live action show featuring two marvelous seiyuu hamming it up. It purports to be a sugar-coated explanation of some of the background, but in practice it turns out to be a teaser for GXP. And a lot of it concentrates on showing how the end of OVA 3 leads to GXP, which they said was placed a year later in story terms.

11:46 PM  
Blogger Will said...

Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't break into their Cabbit voices. The two shows have basically been trying to feed of one another for publicity.

11:38 PM  

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