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Criminally Weird just kinda appeared inside my head one day, and I used it because it reflects just how strange I find myself from time to time. Prior to that I'd toyed around with the idea of using T.W.I.T.. The World is Toto. It was going to be my way of making a coy joke in Cockney about the world going to hell in a handbasket. Thankfully I thought better of it.

Today was just the sort of day that makes me realize how perfect that name really is.

I started the day up to my elbows in assembly lube, cam grease, motor oil and Loctite. We're finally getting around to the assembling the engine for the Falcon.

After that, I had to make a stop off at the gun shop to buy a collapsable stock for the AR-15 I'm building.

Did I mention that I've been assemblying this gun while watching Full Moon wo Sagashite in the background? Well, more like: install a couple parts, watch an episode, launch a detent spring/pin across the apartment, swear a lot, watch an episode, feel better, hunt for parts, find them, spend a half-hour getting troublesome parts locked in place (swearing all the while), watch another episode, feel better again, realize I need more parts to get to a stopping point(swear a lot again), wonder why I didn't just buy an AK for half the price, watch another episode, feel better. It's a show that makes you feel good, for the most part. Episodes make good bookends to other more frustrating tasks...

...and I swear to God I'm going to go kill that son-of-a-bitch that keeps blasting up and down the parking lot outside on his 4-stroke dirt bike! WILL YOU JUST QUIT IT? PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY COMPLAINED ONCE! IT'S 11:45! GAH! (never mind that that's early by blogging standards)

Semi-automatic "assault"-rifles, cutesy-looking-but-actually-quite-deep anime and horsepower: all available here at the Bureau of AlcoholAnime, TobaccoTorque, and Firearms.


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