Yeah! A Callback!

Today Shamus was playing around with photo panoramas using AutoStitch. It reminded me of my own ugly-as-sin half-assed attempt at a panorama last summer. Now I'm curious to see how it looks.

That actually looks really good. It would have turned out even better had I deactivated the auto-adjust on my cheap little HP camera. I think I'd be hard-pressed to find a seam artifact short of heavy scrutiny in Photoshop. There has to be a point of diminishing returns if you use dozens or hundreds of images. I'm sure log distance shots help out greatly as well, but no matter what settings I use, it doesn't want to integrate the left-most image seen in the original. Hmm... Time to experiment a little.

Ah... there we go. Sorta. I had to combine the first and second image on the left first, then combine it with the remaining three. Of course, that causes it to over compensate on the left-hand side.

I took a series of four picture when I was at the Goodguys car show in Scottsdale a couple weekends ago. I'd intended to take another shot at a panorama, but I got distracted by something shiny and quickly forgot about it. This time I'll let the software do the work.

Not bad. The third image sure is dark though. There are somewhere between 2500 and 3000 cars down there. It really is a sight to behold.


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